Daniela Agosta

Costume Designer and Wardrobe Stylist


Daniela has worked as both Costume Designer and Wardrobe Stylist on a number of successful independent projects including short and feature length films, as well as music videos.

The projects she has chosen to work on have spanned multiple genres, including drama, sci-fi, horror, action, romance, suspense, comedy, true stories, period pieces, and even films involving computer generated characters.

Her most recognized work to date is a film in which she received a nomination in the 2012 Leo Awards for Best Costume Design in a Short Drama, which starred the talented Jodelle Ferland.

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About Daniela Agosta

For Daniela Agosta, design isn't just in her life, it's in her blood. The grandchild of talented tailors, Mario and Gelsomina Autieri, who, based in Naples, Italy, exhibited their designs in the Milan fashion shows from the 1940's till the 1950s. Though her grandparents passed away when Daniela was still very young, she stood out as an extremely creative child, infusing her love of art and colour with an impressive imagination.

Daniela pursued this love and attended Seneca College's Digital Media Arts course, where she developed skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, Color Composition, Illustration, and other artistic methods, later applying these skills to interior design.

Daniela's inherit need to sew manifested, and as a result, she taught herself how to follow and alter patterns, as well as sewing by hand and machine. Daniela created a wide selection of costumes which she showed off at a number of conventions, winning awards for her work over the next few years.

Realizing that her dream was to create wardrobe for films, in 2007, Daniela attended the Art Institute of Vancouver's Fashion Design and Merchandising course, where she developed her skills of fashion illustration, garment construction, pattern drafting, draping, textiles, technical drawings, and fashion history.

Though the course was focused around retail fashion, by virtue of her inherit ability, the program's department head granted Daniela special privilege to alter the course to suit her film aspirations. This allowed Daniela to receive numerous Merit Awards and Scholarships for her achievements, and was consistently on the Honor Role for her exceptionally high GPA.

In 2009, Daniela was encouraged by her teachers to participate in the Telio Fashion Competition in Montreal, where her designs competed against submissions from all over Canada; and she was awarded as a finalist. In her last few semesters, Daniela received an internship with Agoo Apparel, as a Jr. Designer, designing a line of hockey themed 'onesies' for infants called, Hockey Huggers.

Before she had even graduated, Daniela was asked to be Costume Designer on Two Indian's Talking (staring Nathaniel Arcand -Heartland, Arctic Air) by director Sara McIntyre. Over the next several years, Daniela remained in Vancouver and worked as Costume Designer / Costume Supervisor / On-Set Dresser on various films, which received recognition on the festival circuit. Daniela was also requested to do Costume Design on a music video for Behind Sapphire, by the lead Jodelle Ferland (Twilight, Silent Hill, Dark Matter) after the two previously worked on a short film. In 2012, Daniela was nominated for a Leo Award for Best Costume Design in a Short Drama for that film, Monster.

Today, Daniela has returned to Toronto where she looks forward to developing a new network of industry contacts, and is interested in future work as an On-Set dresser for film and television.

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